Anniversary Weekend!

We had a big week at our house.  It started off with someone learning to walk.  Up to this point Hyrum has loved to walk with help and he was very good at it.  On Monday he took several steps by himself and every day since he has improved.  By the end of the week he started letting go of furniture to start walking.  Being outside has become much more of an adventure.

It was Spring break for Tim.  He studied every day for STEP.  We decided to take Friday and Saturday off from school and work.  Because our real anniversary is two days after Christmas, we decided to celebrate on March 17th...the day we started dating.  Friday started off with cinnamon rolls.  We discovered that you can make dough the night before and put it in the fridge over night.  I tell you has revolutionized baking!  I also make pizza dough the night before and Tim is happy to report that both sets of dough turned out fantastic.  But, I digress.  After breakfast we got ready and took Hyrum to the Houston Arboretum.  We tried last summer, but it was a fail.  This year was perfect!  The weather was great and Hyrum was able to explore.  Tim declared when we arrived that we weren't leaving until we saw a snake and we saw two.  

We went home for a late lunch and then a pizza dinner with ice cream.  Tim and I were exhausted.  We aren't used to being so active.  However, we didn't learn our lesson because the following day we went to NASA.  We timed things perfectly with Hyrum's naps and eating.  The weather also cooperated with us.  We took a tram tour around NASA to the different buildings.  We were able to see the current training facility.  They have a complete model of the Space Station that they practice in to prepare for their trips to space.  I thought it was really cool.  If we had gone during the week we would have seen people working.

Here is the Saturn V rocket.  It is housed in a massive warehouse.  It was interesting to see all the shuttles and rockets up close and personal.  

Tim's favorite part was touring the 747 with a spaceship on top.  I didn't know this, but the most cost effective way to transport the reusable spaceships is by plane.  

 It was a good end to a great weekend.  Now back to the grind!