Happy Easter!

April has flown by!  So many things are coming to a close.  We were talking last night about how things will change in the next couple of months.  For starters, Tim finished up all of his courses this last week.  He will be taking mid-terms and finals for the next month.  He should get his rotation schedule this week, which will tell us what his schedule will be for the next several months.  It is crazy to think we are close to being done.  A lot of med student wives are nervous because of the unknown in residency, but I am PUMPED!  

I am wrapping up another coaching year.  Summer can't come soon enough.  Hopefully, things will calm down and we will get a break from the craziness of the school year.  As for Mr. Hyrum, he is leaving the baby days behind!

He has always been curious about what is going on and now the he is mobile he finds so many more things to explore.  He has finally figured out that he can point and pointing means something.  He says ball, book, bird, bye bye, tree, dad, Spencer, and Taylor.  Spencer and Taylor are his babysitter's children.  He loves them and usually goes looking for them the second we get there.  It is funny to see him recognize them at church.  It confuses him a bit, but then he goes right to them.  

Speaking of church, we had our first Sunday in our new ward.  It is significantly smaller than our last ward.  There seems to be a good mix of young, middle, and old.  Everyone was very welcoming and nice.  They said they will start giving out callings in the next couple of weeks and Tim is crossing his fingers for teaching.  

In other news, Hyrum went to another birthday party.  This one was at the pool.  He is a water baby!  I had to keep a very close eye on him because he would leave the wading area for deeper water without batting an eye.   

For Easter I made hot cross buns again.  We gave some to Hyrum and he liked it.  I put raisins and craisins in it and he did really well with it.  I was glad, because he seems to be getting pickier about food.  He still loves big people food, but if it is remotely close in texture to baby food, he clamps his lips closed tighter than Fort Knox and you can kiss feeding him good bye.

And the best news of all...he slept through the night last night!  I was really surprised to be woken up by my alarm this morning.  Usually, I wake up around 3 am for a feeding, but my alarm woke me up and it was great!  I am sure we won't get lucky tonight, but one day!