Another week!

I will start off by saying sorry there are not pictures.  Some weeks pass by before I realize that I haven't taken any pictures.

Tim had another long week at the hospital he is putting in just over 80 hours every week.  This coming week will be his last before he starts the next rotation, which will be urology.  He has heard conflicting reports on how busy that rotation is, so we will just have to wait and see.  He continues to enjoy what he is learning in the hospital and now he needs to figure out how to balance studying for STEP 2 and his exam for general surgery.

My week was a roller coaster week.  My job is funded by grants and we found out that grant money was cut, which means that cuts have to be made.  I found out that I will loose my job.  I am still working, but sometime in the next week I won't be any longer.  We weren't expecting it, but we have been blessed to feel peace and calm through the whole ordeal.  We have worked very hard to live on a budget and save even though we have school to pay for.  Our diligence has paid off and we feel that we will be fine until we can figure out what the Lord would have us do.

Hyrum on the other hand is crazy!  He has so much energy.  All he does is run and chatter all day every day...even at church.  I'm pretty sure I walked a mile yesterday during second and third hour at church.  This week was another big learning week for him.  He has learned to give high fives and blow kisses.  His chattering is starting to sound more like words.  We are starting to hear thank you, cheese, and look at that/what's that.  He continues to love his books and being outside.  He also went visiting teaching with me for the first time.  I was not as bad as I thought it would be.  He didn't destroy her home or terrorize the cats, so that was a win in my book.  I am also happy to say bananas are back in!  For the longest time he would say banana, but refuse to eat it.  Well he ate one!

I think that is about all from us.  It never seems to slow down!