Another week!

The week went by quickly.  Hyrum and I stayed busy.  One of the women I visit teach needed her cats watched while she and her husband went on the Youth Nauvoo Trip.  We spent time each day walking over and playing with them.  We also helped watch the children of two different families this week.  Needless to say we had lots to do.

Hyrum is at the in between stage of needing two naps, but not really.  We has some hard days with him playing in bed for a while at night, probably because he was getting too much sleep during the day.  And by hard, he played quietly in his crib until he feel asleep.  He still amazes us every day with new words.  This week he learned choo choo, cookie, key, wagon, bear, and alligator.  He has always been very good at imitating sounds we make, so the last four words haven't been said a lot and alligator was said as we were singing a song about an alligator.  I know he has a long way to go as far as language, but I love how he is getting better at communicating.

We have also been practicing prayers with him.  He has been staying still longer at each meal before declaring he wants food.  This morning when I set his breakfast on the table he folded his arms (he places the backs of his hands together...not sure how he got that) and stayed still the whole time.  He even said something at the end for amen, which is the first time he has done that.  He is growing up so fast.  He did really well in church sitting and playing/eating.  He is still plenty distracting standing up and smiling/blowing kisses/waving at the pews behind us.

This week was a baking week.  I had some extra time and so I made this...

Hi, my name is Hyrum and I approve this chocolate banana bread.

And this...

And I also approve of this cherry crunch.

Hyrum enjoyed both and so did Tim.

Tim continues to enjoy his rotation.  He has officially come of the conclusion that he doesn't mind surgery and he likes the aspect of having both clinic and surgery.  So, my friends, that means he is continuing to keep all is options open and he may or may not continue on the family medicine route.  He still has lots of rotations to experience, so hopefully that will help him to explore his options and get a feel for things.  He continues to study hard, manage his calling, play with Hyrum and get a little sleep.

That's about all from us!