18 Months

I'd like to dedicate this post to Hyrum...not that every post is pretty much all about him any way.  :)  He officially turned 18 months this week.  I tried to get a picture, the key word being tried.  It just gets harder and harder to get the kid to stand still for more than 2 seconds.  He had a doctors appointment in Friday and he is still really big compared to other kids his age.  His height and weight are in the 99%.  He is 35.5 inches tall and 30.6 pounds.  I thought for sure the kid would weigh more, because my arms have been killing me recently.  Basically, he's big!

I would also like to point out the pajamas.  Not only are those 3T, but they are fleece.  Why fleece...excellent question.  We were down in the 40s at night.  It was cold!  It was also cold during the day as well all this week.  Now before I tell you the temperatures, let me remind you I have been living in super hot, super humid Texas for almost 2.5 years.  We were in the low 60s all week.  I know, for some that read this that is a heat wave.  In my defense it was cloudy and windy too...kind of.  It sure does beat all the heat from the summer. 

Hyrum continues to amaze us every day.  This week has been another week of solidifying and expanding his color knowledge.  He is getting better at saying all the colors and we have started to see some consistency in identifying what color things are.  I have also started rote counting with him, just to 5.  We have made it a point to talk about body parts and how we have two of some of them.  Well, last night we were surprised as we listened to Hyrum put himself to sleep.  He said over and over, "Mama two eye, mama two eye."  He gets stuck on phrases and just repeats them over and over again.  It is so interesting to me to observe his language development from a teachers perspective.  Kids learn language much the same way they learn to read...it's all developmental and happens in definable steps.  Not gonna lie...I like thinking and planning what we will discuss/teach to help him continue to learn.

I have also noticed this week that he is started being smarter about how he climbs.  He has started trying to find toe holds to pull himself up and he is using more arm strength.  All the little old ladies at the park may think he is chubby and cute, but behind that baby tummy is a whole lot of muscle. 

We haven't been on too many adventures.  We will be at home for the next three weeks at least, because Tim is further away for his rotation.  It is going well for Tim, but he continues to struggle to find time to study, do his calling, prepare for STEP, look at residency programs, do research, and be at the hospital for 12+ hours a day.  I think he is doing a great job trying to fit everything in and this has been and will be a good lesson on understanding prioritizing and there is a season for everything.

The one adventure we did have was visiting a friend.  We had dinner with him.  He made Burmese noodles.  I was a little worried that Hyrum might not like it, but he loved it and ate it right up. 

That's about all from us.  Until next week!